Best and cheapest foundation for your meals

downloadTruth be told, products like brown rice, whole-wheat or multigrain pasta, old-fashioned oats, frozen veggies, canned beans, potatoes, canned tuna, yogurt, eggs, and dried lentil are high in nutrition but generally cost less than $2. These items are very filling too so you truly maximize the value of your feed. You can use these ingredients to make a whole assortment of dishes like overnight oats, tuna salad bruschetta, or white bean and kale soup. In addition, you easily find coupons for these merchandise like this BUY 3, GET 1 FREE Hunt’s Buy Three (3) Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes, Get One (1) Free (Max Value $1.00) (Redeemable at Walmart).

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Bargain hunting made easy

1Maximizing your food budget is not as complicated as most people make it up to be. If you can be bothered, use coupons like this SAVE 75¢ on any ONE (1) package of Truvía Natural Sweetener (40 ct. or larger), Truvía Baking Blend or Truvia Brown Sugar Blend. Coupons are great tools to get instant discounts on items that you already buy. You can use as little or as much as you want. The main thing is to keep them organized. There are plenty of methods to organizing coupons and you need to find one that works for you.

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Easy shopping for easy savings

1Whether you are trying to save a little or a lot, these simple tips are sure to give your budget the room it needs to get you everything that you need minus the hair-raising cost. Inside the groceries, inquire about markdowns. Meat, bread, and seafood are sure to be the biggest offenders on your bill so ask the manager or anyone at the counter if there is a time of day that unsold products are marked down. This is a real treat because items like baked goods can drop as much as 50%. Shopping the store clearance rack is another great tip.

Discontinued products are often sold for half the price or even less in sale bins. You can further use coupons like this 55¢ OFF any ONE (1) FINISH Dishwasher Detergent for these items. Also, learn the sale cycles of your favorite supermarkets. The same products will go on sale but not at the same time so pay attention on the sales and stock up.

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The money lowdown on toiletries shopping

downloadWhere do you buy your toiletries? If you are like most people, you simply grab these at the supermarket along with your groceries. It is easy and convenient, and you can also get deals with coupons like this SAVE $1.00 on any ONE (1) Stayfree Product (Available at Walmart) but sometimes, you can get toiletries for less in the pharmacy. A good thing to do is to grab a load of coupons and redeem them during a sale. You spend less on each item and have everything lying around the house until you go through all the product.

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Quick appetizers for smashing parties

downloadThere are two ways to go about serving appetizers for any meal, depending on how much time you have on hand. Naturally, when you are in a jam, nothing beats the convenience of frozen products that you can even get at a discounted price with coupons like this SAVE $1.00 on ANY Two (2) Bagel Bites Frozen Products. You just pull the box out of your cupboard and be ready in no time.

However, there are other quick ways to put food on the table without giving yourself too much grief. If there is a good deli near you, do a fast run and grab delicious bits and pieces to come up with the perfect antipasto plate. Have a look at the counter and see what is good. Grab some mozarella balls, roasted chilis, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, mixed olives, salami, smoked bacon, bresaola – whatever you like. Arranged everything in a large platter and get the party started!

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